The Barracuda Restaurant stands in a magnificent location on the edge of the spectacular Santa Maria Beach, which is considered to be one of the best in Cape Verde. It is just a few metres from the Santa Maria pontoon bridge, the hub of the island’s seaside leisure activities and the quay where the small, artisanal fishing boats that supply the restaurant with fresh fish dock every day. This is truly an emblematic spot. Also close by is the main square of Santa Maria and the streets where the night-life is concentrated.

You can enjoy a quiet meal on the beach but you’re still in the centre of Santa Maria with the night-life just 100 meters away. The location is perfect!

BARRACUDA Restaurant & Pub. Praia de Santa Maria. Ilha do Sal. CABO VERDE.
Tel. +238 2428010  barracudagrupo10@gmail.com  www.restaurantebarracuda.com