Barracuda News

5th September. Sal island. The Barracuda restaurant provides in its facilities an Automate External Defibrillator (AED) equipment, a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal... Read more

Certification Cape Safety Restaurante Barracuda 300x150

19 june 2015. Ilha de Sal. O Restaurante Barracuda tam implementado o programa de certificação Capesafety de Excelência em Higiene e Segurança Alimentar.  Read more

Mitu Monteiro kite surf Barracuda Restaurant Cabo Verde 438

30.05.2015 Mitu Monteiro, campeão do mundo de kite surf , depois de uma turnê que lioua... Read more

toni carrera Barracuda restaurant Sal 1

20-02-2015. Today the famous singer Tony Carreira had vistited our restaurat. Tony Carreira is renowned for being the portuguese singer that more fans drag to their shows.  Read more

The well knownn portuguese and international actress was in the Barracuda Restaurant celebrating the birthday of his... Read more

Barracuda Restaurant Cape Verde. Kitchen.

03-10-2014. The Barracuda Restaurant is now using new, more modern, more efficient, more environmentally friendly kitchen equipment, provided by REPAGAS SA  Read more

africa avanza medicos cabo verde

20-02-2014. "The Barracuda Restaurant supports the great charity work done by the Spanish-based NGO África Avanza in Sal. For the past two years África Avanza has been workingat the Sal Island... Read more

equipa paraolimpico Cabo Verde em Barracuda

The Cape Verde Paralympic sports team chose the Barracuda as the venue for its annual celebratory dinner. 16 athletes and management staff from the Cape Verde an the International Paralympic Committee, including javelin thrower Marcio Fernandes, attended the event. This was a very special meal for all of us who form part of the Barracuda family. We are proud to cooperate and host these true sporting champions, who are also champions at overcoming obstacles and... Read more